About Us

Spotlight Urns was the evolution of Innovative Urns (IU), a company built to fill a need in the largely more traditional urn industry which mostly consisted of ornamental designs. Along with a unique appearance, IU also advanced the idea of the material an urn should be made of. Innovative Urns found an opportunity to offer designs and options to families and friends looking for a vessel that better captured the spirit of their loved one’s. The designs which IU brought to the market were sleek, modern, and better suited for many modern settings. Along with a unique appearance, IU also advanced the idea of the material an urn should be made. With some thought to endurance and protection, IU designed its pieces from stainless steel powder coated in a wide variety of color choices to adapt to every taste and preference imaginable. With a selection of unique styles and an endless palette of colors, IU brought a selection of products to the traditional urn market to fit 21st century tastes.
Our family
The founders of Innovative Urns approached us in 2019 with an offer to continue the ideas and offerings initially started in the early days of IU. We graciously accepted the opportunity to continue the work started by IU and began to mold and shape the vision as we felt was appropriate for now and the future while also paying tribute to the original vision of IU. Out of this mindset, Spotlight Urns was born. Our hope is to bring a product to the families and friends of lost loved ones that continues to shine a light on the lives, hopes and legacies of those who we continue to care for beyond their times. With that vision as a guide, Spotlight Urns is carrying the legacy of IU while also pushing toward the future of what friends and families need to appropriately honor their loved ones.